The Powerful Truth to Creating Your Freedom

By understanding your souls purpose you can stop existing and start truly living

Do you want to find out what your soul needs?

I am able to read the energies of your soul and identify the healing required. Soul readings are an incredible way to understand yourself better, heal past wounds, and move forward in life. You deserve this kind of self-awareness.

A reading will help you connect with your innermost desires and allow you to make decisions that align with them. It’s time for you to take charge of your life so get started today!

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What will be better?

You're an intelligent woman. You were born with a purpose and there are only 24 hours in your day, so what's the point of mindlessly existing? Are you ready to reconnect with your soul readings for greater fulfillment and peace of mind? As a certified 5th dimension healer I am able to help women like you start living rather than just exist. I also offer guidance on getting unstuck from low self-esteem downers, abandonment fears, dating struggles, and more sensitive topics

How will life + business change?

Soul readings are a chance to better understand yourself, your life, and the people in it. They can provide clarity when you’re going through difficult times as well as help you enhance your personal relationships with loved ones. Soul readings allow for deep introspection and self-reflection that can even reach on to change daily habits. From business settings to errands alike, soul readings are here to make life easier for whomever desires them!

And before you know it, more benefits

Connect with the sacred flow of energy and light that exists in your divine self. Tune into what your spiritual insights are telling you about how to be more successful, or find peace within yourself; Connect with the part of yourself who knows exactly what is best for you when it comes to love, money, health.

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So who is Penelope? And why is this process important?

Penelope faced huge challenges as a child, from moving around continually, in a volatile environment, she learnt to hide and pretend to be someone else in order to fit in. Upon leaving school this pattern continued, going into the corporate role and becoming a wife and mother, she started to realise that she was 'performing' as someone else, until one day the cracks began to show.

Penelope started to feel like a ghost in her own life, eventually working long hours and fitting in became too much. She suffered crippling anxiety and eventually became seriously ill

She had to make radical changes or risk losing everything, and so the healing process began

Why didn't the Traditional methods work

Trying conventional healing techniques from Reflexology, Reiki would alleviate the issues, temporarily raising her vibration until something triggered an old fear and she would spiral once again.

After discovering her Higher Self Tori, and following the releasing process, she began to heal from the outside in, and her vibration naturally and continually rose.

She trained as a 5th Dimension Earth Certified Healer to help other women to raise their vibration and start to live a fulfilled life

As Seen On...

Would you like to feel more in control of your life?


Connection to your Soul Readings, a chance for you to tune inwards, understand more and have a clearer idea of the blocks you may have

Time for you to start to awaken to your purpose

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"Penelope worked with me when I was feeling really low and lost. She offered to help me with her amazing healing meditation and I honestly felt so much better afterwards. During the meditation I could feel the energy being guided through my body by her voice and I could see a sparkling golden light. I felt as if I was being cleansed on the inside. Immediately after I felt calm and settled for the first time in a couple of weeks.

I can not recommend highly enough to jump at the chance to work with Penelope, she is not only an amazing person, she also has incredibly powerful energy and healing to share."

"I have had a few sessions with Penelope now, first when she helped me get clarity on my life purpose, doing a healing session to release tension on my neck caused by long hours sat at my desk. Penelope is very professional but with a warm personality that immediately put me at ease.

Penelope also intuitively understands exactly what is needed. I have already booked more healing sessions and am looking forward to my next one.

I am extremely blessed to have crossed paths with her!" - All Rights Reserved - Terms & Conditions